Our Industrial salt has a range of uses and applications across a variety of businesses and industries, these include:

  • De-I (Road salt for Municipalities).

  • Chlorine-Alkali Industry.

  • Textile/ leather processing factories.

  • Olive/cheese/pickle/canned food industry.

  • Edible salt / Kitchen salt.

  • Water softening industry.

  • Various chemical and industrial applications.



We Are Egyptian Leading Bulk Salt Supplier provides personalized service and individualized logistics for your bulk salt needs, a full range of high-performance deicing products for snow professionals, along with 24/7 service and reliable supply to keep your business stocked and running smoothly .

We have been supplying businesses and municipalities with industrial and deicing salt for over 15 years.

Why Choose US

Quality Policy:-

ISO 9001/2000

ISO 9001/2008

TRUST TRADE Export & Import is in a position to Fulfill in Time and within the quality standards all tasks with Respect to Reliability of deliveries also during the critical Weather Conditions.


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